Kāpiti Coast: Aug 25th 10am - 3pm

Although it is hardly ever mentioned, we live in a capitalist economy, and neo-liberalism made it more liberal and unfettered, especially for finance and investment.

What then is a capitalist economy?  It is clearly a growth economy, but what makes it grow?  What defines it that makes it different from other economic systems?

We will try to answer that question with your help.  And thereby know better what we should focus on changing and what does not need to change.  Effective action depends on a well-informed understanding of what it is that we are want to change by our actions.

The day will start with a refresher cup of tea, water or something to drink from 10.00am to 10.30.  Then we will start with a round of introductions (of name, where from, and what would you most like to know about capitalism).  Then I will facilitate a workshop I have done previously, about what is an economy and its main features and what then is particular to capitalism, and what is not.

You can stay for a shared lunch from 12.30.

Afterwards for people who would like to continue and extend the learning, we would like to have a brainstorming session on alternative economies. What can we do ourselves? what can we do with others? How do we change this culture? What sort of transformation do we need to go through?

This discussion will be loosely informed by Gary's new book 'Awake' - due to be published Jul/Aug. 

There is no entry fee.  Instead I would appreciate a small koha from your place or that is personal to you.

You can book your place for this event at humanatix here: 


Created by: Seth Rothery
Toru Education
107 South Manakau Road, RD3
Ōtaki 5583
Kāpiti Coast