Toru Trail event in May at Mikimiki Road, Masterton

Experiencing Diversity and Regeneration at New Forest. 


Hella welcomed us at the gate, on the spot where she and her partner Joep stood 15 years ago, looking at bare paddocks, seeing the potential and following their intuition. We walked through the rosehip plantation and along the 12 year old coppiced gum trees in the shelter belt to the old scout hall which was the one original building already there when Hella and Jeop arrived. It is a perfect place for this type of community gathering.

Toru Trail event in April in Paekākāriki

Introduction to Permaculture design process (and ethics/principles) to design your garden and personal life.


Timing is everything!  I am lucky to count both Doris and her daughter Silvia as good friends: I was enjoying a lovely meal with Silvia and said ‘Is your mom planning on doing a permaculture day soon?’ Silvia said she didn’t know, but within 24 hours Doris had sent the invitation for April!  I always enjoy the drive up from Welly and was greeted by Bob, Doris and 15 participants for the first Toru Trail event.