This archetypal human question applies to an organisation as much as to an individual. Your given name doesn’t help towards solving this riddle.

Toru Education is just over one year old. It was called into life by founding Trustees Gary Williams, Lucy Carver and myself on the 29th September 2016 with a mission of “Toru Education is to provide experiential education opportunities that nurture people, planet and spirit”.


In format, Toru wishes to be a truly sustainable organisation that cares for its people, shares the tasks in a fair way, and unfolds in a natural manner, over time, without being pushed and scaled up too early. “No synthetic fertilizer, only compost!”

During this first year, at its simplest form, it was the legal container for a variety of courses on sustainable living, taking place in the region of Horowhenua and Kapiti coast, as well as an informal network of Toru courses alumnae. I described the initial story of Toru, its whakaapa and some possible ideas for the future here. That article indicated the evolving nature of Toru: “The identity of Toru will be shaped, formed and continuously re-formed through its activities and the stories of the people it attracts. “